Every day number of trees disappear from the face
of the earth. When there are other way of 
generating paper products, trees are still being used 
largely. It's high time now, that we stop this mean
destruction, before we forget the colour green.

Save Fuel
Obey the posted speed limits.
Use cruise control to
Keep your speed limit
under control. Avoid fast start and hard
breaking, Aggressive driving is unsafe and 
can increase unwanted emissions.
Engine shut-off-at idle'will eventually
be on all cars, as ell it should, because it
also makes it a lot easier to 
breathe when you're walking
through a busy intersection!

Save Water 
Reuse the water used to
clean your fruits and 
vegetables to water your plants.
A great way to reduce wastage.
Try rain water harvesting.
Fix leaking taps right away.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Many of us just throw away
bottles after their use.
Recycle to reuse them. Do not 
throw trash like plastics and 
rubbers out in the open as it may take
hundreds of year to decompose.
Recycle it. 

Save Energy
Use the staircase - 
forget the lift and walk it.
A great way to boost health 
as well as save electricity !
Switch off the monitor 
of the computer when you
are our for breaks. 

Plant Trees
Get a green roof -
grow plants on your roof - top.
Gift trees and plants on
birthday's and special
occasions to your family
and friends.
plant a tree where it will 
shadow your home 
or workplace to keep it cool.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide
Opt to buy a refrigerator 
or an air - conditioner
without CEC. 
Avoid buying 
and using aerosols and
sprays composed of CFC.

Save Forests
Borrow and share books
instead of buying new ones
to save trees. Fewer trees
means less rain, less oxygen
and an increased threat 
Global Warming.

 Save Paper 
Make all your files and notes 
on your laptop, burn DVDS 
for storing data or simply use
a memory stick for carry data.
Edit on screen and print 
on both sides of a sheet.
Switch from paper to
electronic billing. 

Travel Smart
Fly less. Travel more
by public transport or 
by car pool.
Convert you vehicle 
to CNG mode. Use hybrid cars
and get the pollution check
of your vehicle 
at regular intervals. 

Renewable Energy
Use energy generated 
by renewable sources such as
wind, sun, water and biomass.
Install a solar water heater on the
roof to get warm water.
Make your home as energy 
efficient as possible.
Change to solar and change the world.

Reduce Pollution 
Dispose off industrial waste
properly and recycle
whatever you can. Use 
natural methods of pest
control, avoid using
pesticides which result in 
both air and water pollution.

Think Green
It's not just about
saving on your electricity
or utility bills; it's about 
saving your planet. You
have the power 
to save the planet.

So, Go Green !

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